Advanced Biomechanics

Advanced Biomechanics

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Advanced Biomechanics Details

Biomechanics underpins, profoundly affects, or is profoundly affected by most pathology of the foot and lower limb. Improve your knowledge of biomechanics at an advanced level with this module.

In-depth knowledge of lower limb and foot biomechanics helps in understanding the mechanism of injury and appropriate treatment provision. Work through our ten-question module testing you on key competencies associated with advanced biomechanics.  You'll be able to access this resource for 12 months after purchase.


Successful completion of the Advanced Biomechanics module will allow you to demonstrate knowledge beyond the basic graduate level and show an awareness of research, critical appraisal of research, and clinical application of biomechanical principles.

The module allows you to work through a structured process of answering questions and reading the answers and explanations across a range of key biomechanic competencies.

On completion of the Advanced Biomechanics module you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of functional anatomy and the inter-relationship of functional anatomy, morphology, and kinematics and kinetics.
  • Assess a patient’s pathology in regards to its effect on or due to, the kinematics and kinetics; and how to best gather appropriate data to support the proposed mechanism of injury allowing correct treatment interventions.


The ten-question module has been written by expert authors from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Faculty of Podiatric Medicine and General Practice. 

Upon successful completion of this module a printable certificate of competence will be made available to you. This module gives you 2 hours of CPD points for your annual CPD assessment. 


Author: Andrew Horwood MSK Podiatrist M.Pod.A, D.Pod.M